Friday, 27 September 2013

Autumns glory

Today DD and I have had a great day. We've been exploring our new surroundings, setting up bird feeders and in doing that we've also become foragers for the day. My mother in law has apple trees in her garden and so a glut of apples shared with us inspired us to go blackberry picking - and we didn't need to go far. Our gardens, having been left unattended for the last two years, are a little 'wild' with the benefit of being well stocked with blackberry bushes. So to add to our glut of apples we managed to collect a glut of blackberries and spent a happy hour in the kitchen making fruit crumble. Yum what a delicious smell and what a satisfying reward to end our day. 

I've also been out and collected lots of elderberries which I am now researching what I can do with them - elderberry wine, jam or cough syrup? All new experiences so I'll let you know how I get on but the cough syrup might be the winner as I think I'm coming down with my first North Eastern cold!

Despite this onset, I'm needing less and less reminders of why I did this big move, especially as today DD and I have had such a fun and untroubled day, with absolutely no 'stress', that I have to admit I can't help feeling a little bit smug. I'm currently being blessed with gorgeous sunny autumnal days which helps. I'm sure I might not be feeling quite so smug on days we are snowed in? Or maybe I will? Without the stress of worrying what work might think if I was to be unable to travel, and the nursery being only a few doors away, I might actually enjoy a 'snow day' snuggled up on the sofa watching movies with DD and DB, fire roaring in the grate! Ahh the romantic images I have in my head! Hope they become reality. But as 'pay day' looms for everyone else and the stark reality that I'll no longer benefit from my 'media' salary hits, I really do hope all the positives and daily joys I'm experiencing being a full time mummy outweigh that part of my old life. 

But hearing DB recounting a happy evening playing with DD in the garden, an easy bed time and a relaxing evening for the pair of us, I think I know deep down that we are indeed very lucky and very happy. Hurrah!