Saturday, 18 January 2014

Will normal service resume?

Why is life always so busy? Despite now not working I still seem unable to fit in my blogging as much as I'd like. It heartens me that somehow people are reaching my blog and reading it, but then I worry that I am in fact letting these faceless readers down by not posting regularly enough.  When I think back over the last 5 or so weeks I have good reason to not have been as active. There was recovery from DD's birthday, which I'm learning can lead to a delay in Christmas prep which in turn delivered almost the same last minute panic of the previous two years. Add to that the continued renovations to the basement, Christmas itself and throw in a little bit of potty training, and here we are - mid January.

The potty training I'm pleased to report is faring well. All the advice I should of listened too is right. Little ones will learn when they are ready to learn and no healthy child starts school still wearing nappies. It's a relief to not be chastising myself for forgetting to change another heavy, full nappy. It's a joy when my daughter takes herself off to the loo and then triumphantly announces another success! But I am getting a bit weary of wee soaked clothes and trips out into the cold to the washing machine that's still in the shed!

However the relocation of said washing machine is a light I'm beginning to see at the end of the tunnel that has been our building work! By the end of January I should be able to safely go downstairs without getting covered in dust and more importantly normal laundry services should resume! I had a feeling of joy this week as I spent time negotiating with carpet factories, tile ware houses and trades people. A bit of a buzz to remind me of the parts of my old life I enjoyed - the sense of good feeling that you'd got a good deal, the satisfaction of saving money by spending money!  I felt a small quiver of excitement! But I will be glad when this work is done. Having to look respectable first thing in the morning in case you bump into a builder, plumber or electrician is wearing a bit thin! But the sense of achievement when we get this new 'space' to add to the rest of our gorgeous house will be great.

Since my last post we've started a new schedule with the nursery of daily three hour sessions in the afternoons! And second week in I'm so glad that we didn't start our new life this way as I'm not loving it at all. Although there is no distance at all to get to nursery, those three hours fly by. It also means I am  preparing and supervising every meal time. How I long for the last few months when I was able to drop DD off for breakfast at school and not have to return to pick her up till tea time. It was only two days a week but I got so much done! One day for housework and one day for ME! Somehow having only three hours a day just isn't cutting it. 

And for DD too! Everyday we are dealing with cries of "I don't wanna go" but I know she's enjoying it once she's there. The other day I picked her up to be met by a green moustache under her nose! Her carer explained they'd not realised what she was up to until too late and they'd tried to revove the mark on her face with a wipe. What they failed to inform me of was that under her coated arms and gloved hands was a tattooed lady who needed scrubbing with force at bath time! She thought it was hilarious - the pen marks not the scrubbing! It's all about pushing boundaries and self expression I realise, but without that two day break, I'm seeing less and less of the funny side. DB has seen this coming and, bless him, he's taken to taking DD out early on a Saturday and only returning at lunchtime. Again this I'd only a few hours but something about not having to prep and supervise just one meal a week is pure bliss! Thank you hubs! 

And with that I must sign off. Hopefully not too long before I pop back again. Thanks as always for reading. X