Saturday, 17 August 2013

It ain't over till its over!

So the end of my career has just taken place! What a strange feeling this is. It doesn't feel like the end but with the amount of 'stuff' I am carting home it must be. I'm sure I've forgotten to do something? 

I've been an absentee mother to my DD these last few weeks but with the full knowledge that I'll be very much there for her from now on makes me feel she will forgive me for that (and being a stinking hungover mother this morning)! Last night was a really fun night and I got to 'dance' with my hands up in the air, without a care in the world. I saw some old friends and I stuck to my strategy of G&T's all the way - I wanted to have fun but also remember my leaving do and all the people who came along. I'm sure I rambled on to many of them and I'm sure I dragged some people up dancing when they'd have probably preferred to sit back and watch. 

This morning was a bit of a struggle to say the least but it was also thankfully a 'daddy day' (the last one? I hope not) so I got away without having to change a nappy or struggle to persuade my DD to get dressed or brush her teeth and all the other responsibilities which will now fall to me solo in the mornings for at least five days a week! 

It was a strange day in 'work' as I was starting to get a bit miffed I wasn't being included on emails but then I'd be reminded that why should I be! We had bacon and sausage sarnies delivered in the morning, chocolates and bubbles at midday and pizza's at 1pm. We had speeches and tears, laughter and hugs and I made it off Broadwick St in one piece, but with it all feeling still unreal! 

What's brought it home to me now is having to answer my dear sweet DD's request of 'Can I come to your office and see your friends mummy?' with a 'No darling, I don't work in an office anymore.' Cue lump in throat and tears stinging my eyes.
I'll miss my 'office friends', expenses, nice lunches, taxis everywhere, regular manis and pedis, clinching the deals but I won't miss the stress or the juggling and I'll still keep in touch. 

So give my regards to Broadwick Street. It's been fun but its time to move on.