Thursday, 27 June 2013

Hectic Thursdays

So here we are, a perfect reminder why I'm doing this crazy midlife change. Tomorrow is one of my every other Fridays my current employer allows me to be off work so I can spend a lovely day with my dear daughter (DD). How delightful!
But the pay off is I have a crazy busy Thursday no matter how organised I try to be. This means I leave work later than I intend and the knock on effect? I'm late picking up DD so she'll no doubt be cranky, which will lead to shouting, screaming and stomping of feet  - from both if us, tears before bedtime and no energy to cook a meal for the adults! Then I'll be fast asleep on the sofa just as dearly beloved husband (DB) will want to try and have an intelligent conversation with me! 
As I say a perfect reminder of why I am quitting this crazy, hectic London life in the hope I'll have time to breath and spend quality time with those I love. 

Yes, I need that occasional wake up call as suddenly everything in London was taking on a rosy glow! 
Last week we had news that DD had in fact got a place at the fantastic nursery school up the road from us! Then on Friday a headhunter emailed me about an amazing creative position at a rival company that 6 months ago I would have jumped on! So I was beginning to wonder if we were doing the right thing - but we are. I know we are as deep down I would never have agreed to this if there was a way I could have realistically juggled life working at the speed and intensity I was while being a good mum. And I am a mum first and foremost - I don't mind admitting that, as its the greatest gift I've ever been given and I don't want to take it for granted. That's why I'm mum on the run!