Saturday, 29 June 2013

Making the most of what we've got

Well yesterday who'd have thought what a sunny day today was going to be! For starters DD didn't wake us till about 8am (result) and we were able to have a very relaxed Saturday morning. As the sun was shining we packed a picnic and headed to RHS Wisley down the A3 from us. 

We've become very middle aged this last year. RHS membership and National Trust memberships! But they are worth every penny so far. Today we had such a lovely day at Wisley. We got to watch an entertaining Punch & Judy show (our third this year - is there a P&J renaissance or is it just the 'stage' we are at with parenting? Answers on a post card please!), saw some vintage cars, had a fun tractor ride and marvelled at some amazing and gorgeous plants. 

 Us on the tractor ride! 

We've got limited weekends left now so we must get organised and make a plan rather than just say we will. Time is running out and I'm starting to get scared.