Saturday, 29 June 2013

It's really happening

Today I received the registration pack for the nursery which will be about 7 doors away from the new house! Gulp! 
DB and I have decided that it would be DD's best interests to have some formal structure in her weeks once we move. 
I've laboured over this as I feel I'm cheating a little when I say I'm going to be a full time mum, only for me to then turn around and send DD to a nursery. But as opposed to her being looked after by someone else for four days as she currently is (and rather brilliantly so I may add) I will be there to do drop off AND pick up on the days she is with someone else and I will of course be with her all the other days to enjoy her company and marvel at her progress first hand. DD has flourished at the childminders we send her to currently. I am going to be in pieces on the last day she attends that setting as they have helped mould my daughter from her being 11months old and I am truly grateful. When I was deliberating who we would send her too when I was gearing up to going back to work, worrying about how DD would cope at the hands of someone else, would she forever hate me for leaving her in strangers hands, I now realise that was a great move for us. All of us. The daily mixing with other children of different ages has helped her language and confidence skills immensely. She is able to adapt easily with people she doesn't really know which I'm hopeful will help her make new friends when we move.

Today was a case in point - I dragged DD with me to meet up with an old friend of mine and her son for lunch. There was initial shyness on DD's part but that soon gave way to great belly laughs and giggles, holding of hands and toddler conversations. 

DD wants her new pal to come over to our house soon and I for one want to encourage that! We have such a short time left now to see friends we must get on and organise our weekends so we get to see and do all the things we have  on our London 'bucket list'. 

That reminds me DB and I are off to see 'The Boss' on Sunday! Grandma is coming down to look after DD and she arrives tomorrow! Eek - have been having so much fun with friends today I've not done a jot of cleaning! After our successful lunch DD and I came home just in time to greet our lovely NCT friends. We thankfully have a regular Friday date which involves lots of silliness, hunts for bears and tigers and then a lovely tea, far too often at their house (sorry) but I decided we'd do pizza making at ours. As a consequence of both 'play dates' today I only managed one load of laundry, just managed to unload the dishwasher but absolutely no cleaning of bedrooms, bathrooms, ANYWHERE! Yikes. Bucket list will have to wait as guess what I'll be doing tomorrow morning...oh wait, make that today. Good night!