Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Mum on the run

So here goes - this is the start of a new journey. Resigned from my media career at Hearst UK a few weeks ago which means its now slowly sinking in that I am really doing this, really leaving a career that has been both exciting and frustrating in equal measures. But the last 18 months of juggling that life and my life as a mother just never felt right. So with great trepidation I chose daughter over work (who wouldn't) and from the responses from those around me, I'm beginning to wonder why I've not done it sooner. I'm hearing a lot of 'envious', 'great choice', 'exciting', 'brave' comments and each new email/text/phone call is making me feel stronger and stronger about this major life course change. 
So join me on the journey. It will be a bumpy road I'm sure but one worth taking.