Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Occupation please?

Yikes! What a shock I had today when filling out some forms relating to our new life. 
Question: what is your occupation? Simple eh? But what do I call myself? 

Housewife, homemaker, stay at home mum, domestic engineer? What is the modern definition of a housewife? I put the question into google and I didn't like what came back. It doesn't look like its changed much in 50 odd years. Although there is the saccharin American versions that begger belief (I'm thinking of the Real Housewives of Orange County here) and will be so far removed from what I am becoming, so we won't count them. 

But what is a housewife, or a house husband if not the person who looks after the home while their partner goes out to work and earn the money that will pay for everything the housewife/husband does. I have to admit, I want to whisper as quietly as possible that I'm about to become a housewife. I've had 'Director' in my job title for so many years now I think I should I fashion a new term 'Home Director' to make myself feel better about it all? Or should I just shut up and put up and get on with the one thing I've been yearning for since I became a mother. Getting to spend time with my daughter.

I want my daughter to grow up knowing me and more importantly learning from me about life. I realise she can do this at present but I want to 'be there' in the moment with her, not checking my emails and blackberry every few minutes. I want to be as good a mother as I believe I can be. I won't be perfect but I'll do my best. Equally I want to be there for DB and support him going out to work and earning the money we need to enjoy life. It will take some adjustment, I won't kid myself it won't, but as long as the rewards of quality time with family are there I will accept the dubious but obvious 'occupation' of housewife - but I might go with the title of Home Director for now!