Friday, 5 July 2013

Getting organised in a disorganised world

One of my aims with this monumental move is to have the time and the head-space to get organised. With this in mind I've started organising the end of August move. But am wondering why I bothered.

I started doing some things last month and logged onto a great we site

I used this site last year when we moved (with the intention of staying put for about 10 years!) and it made informing all our utilities, catalogues, charities etc of our move really simple. And what's made me even happier I did this - is this year its as simple as a matter of a few clicks and its all change again. Genius.

But it seems that not all the people I've been able to 'magically' contact take note of the change date, so I've just spent a frustrating 10mins on the phone to TMobile asking them to revert back to my current address which they had changed to the new address but I have to remember to then call them again to change to the new address nearer to the move date. 
I called Virgin Media to cancel our account and lament at the fact they don't serve the village I'm moving to - but according to their very nice, Geordie customer services rep, I'm too early to cancel - I can't set a date too far in the future and will need to remember to call back in 25 days!!

Another part of the iammoving site is which allowed me to get in touch with loads of moving companies with the need to input my details just once. BUT they all then called me within minutes (one within seconds) of me pressing send and I've now lost the details they fired at me down the phone!!

So despite my best efforts at getting organised it seems the world around me is either too organised, can't cope with someone being too organised or I am failing at the first hurdle!