Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Best Birthday Party ever?

While I'm still gainfully employed there is still 'work' to do, but last night was the enjoyable part of that work. 

Best magazine celebrated its 25th birthday last night at St Martins Lane Hotel and a great time was had by all. We hobnobbed with our 'celebrity' columnists who were all brilliant and lovely 'real people' not just 'faces'. Nadia Sawalha was hilarious and lovely, Eamonn Holmes became a 'sales person' up on stage bigging up one of the sponsorship deals we are working on and our own editorial team did an amazing job of entertaining the often spoilt contacts who we are constantly trying to impress, which makes our jobs easier. 

Aside from that though, this was a rare 'night off' for me. Which of course meant that I let loose last night and ended up dancing in Whiskey Mist nightclub (night club - me!) at midnight! The free vodka was free flowing and as a result I've really struggled all day! In the 16 years I've lived in London I have never, ever thrown up on the train/tube. But Piccadilly Circus was almost christened with the delights of my night on the tiles. 

But as time is running out for nights out in London Town, I need to man up and head out again tonight - hopefully a sensible dinner with grown up 'not wanting to get drunk' friends (do they exist?).