Wednesday, 31 July 2013

The love of a mother

This is an emotional post, but I'm so angry and sad having watched the headline news this evening about the poor four year old boy who's mother so badly neglected him that he died in horrible circumstances. How could this have gone on? How could no one see how a smiling child become malnourished, bruised and surely withdrawn? 

I feel terrible that this boy lost his life, but I feel so much anger towards his mother. She just doesn't realise the gift she had been given. The innocent and unconditionally loving child that you watch with wonderment and amazement as they grow and develop into these amazing humans. I'm so lucky to have my daughter and I would so love to add to my family with another child but for whatever reason, its not meant to be for me. My faith is so tested when I hear about this cruelty towards children, and from a mother. Why? Why give a life only for it to be a life of pain, sadness and horror. In one sense the little boy is probably in a better place away for his torturers but why does any other human think its acceptable to cause such horror. How can a mother do this? Any person who inflicts unnecessary pain onto another being (human or animal) deserves being identified and punished but should also be offered some kind of rehabilitation. But when it comes to children I loose all compassion. Children are just so precious, so amazing, so wonderful, so much about the future of mankind that they have every right to live in a nurturing and loving environment. And if their birth parents are too backwards or damaged to realise all of this, there are so many people who have room in their hearts and homes to welcome that child in and offer them a safe and loving life.

When I sit and watch my sleeping daughter look so peaceful, I'm so grateful to have her in my life. She has added so much joy and fulfilment to my and DB's lives in the short time she has been with us, I just cannot understand the mentality of the cruel mother whom I hope rots in jail/hell. I don't like feeling like this, as I like to think I am a forgiving person but I cannot, cannot reconcile my feelings over this case. So so sad.