Monday, 15 July 2013

I need to get running!

OMG - its just days away from my 5k Race For Life! And I have not prepared for it in anyway! Well unless you count chomping down on a lemon meringue Krispy Kreme doughnut like I have today! Preparing in the negative!

But aside from that and aside from doing my usual walking to and from the station, via the childminders, I have done very, very little prep! I sprained my ankle shortly after signing up and used that as in initial excuse for not doing much, but then I've just ambled along until panic has now set in. This will definitely be a walk in the park especially as the weather down here in London is set to be a scorcher on Sunday.

This has got me thinking though - how am I going to keep up my already rubbish fitness levels once I've moved to a part of the world that will necessitate using the car more than I currently do as I'll no longer be able to walk to the shops, bars, restaurants etc, which is about the extent of my fitness regime currently.

I'm trying to work out if our limited household budget will stretch to a gym membership? Surely cheaper up in the North East but will I really use it? Or will cleaning the new 'mansion' as one of my responsibilities as Home Director be enough for me? I do feel I should be setting a better example to my DD in the department of fitness, as her routine is going to involve less walking/scooting once we move. We'll be 7 doors away from the nursery, so not a long commute and the local playground is no where near as exciting as the one here in Raynes Park (Cottenham Park if anyone is interested). So I need to introduce some sort of home exercising that will be fun for DD and ultimately for me. I think I need to head over to fabulous Pinterest (my big indulgence - how life has changed) for some shared ideas.