Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Trying to keep up

My to do list just keeps getting longer. And the longer it gets the deeper I bury my head in the sand! There's work 'to do', home 'to do', moving 'to do' and now blog 'to do'! It seems to be bedtime before I have time for my blog but by then I'm prone to mindless drivel! Or maybe it all is anyway? I'd love to hear any feedback.

One of the things on my home 'to do' list was take our old electric toothbrush along to Waterloo Station this morning, to exchange it for a shiny new one from Colgate. They had gone to great lengths to publicise a great sounding offer to exchange your old toothbrush for a brand new one worth £169. Amazing - but too good to be true? They totally underestimated the number of people who would take up the offer with hoards of people around the stand when I arrived at 8am and no stock to offer out to anyone. Plus community police trying to calm the crowds!! I'm just reading an update on it on MoneySavingExpert and I don't think the promise of 'come back later' is going to be fulfilled. I'm sure they had a great social media plan for this, but instead they are going to have a huge social media headache! Ouch. The twitter feed is on fire with it at the moment.

Next - the move 'to do' list. I need to get my head around getting a good removals quote. But that requires time and effort that I wish I had the energy for. I could get people to come round but they can't seem to come at a reasonable time or I can fill in forms (I hate filling in forms) and email it off! Is there such a thing as 'move planners' - in the same vein as wedding planners? If there is and they are cheap let me know! I also need to work out how I get the new house clean before all the furniture gets moved in. I thought this would be easy as the house we are moving too is currently unoccupied. So my idea was to have some professional cleaners go in the day before we arrive to get the job done. They'd be insured - right? But no the vendors have said a big fat 'no' on that one, so will have to tackle the job surrounded by unpacked boxes and it probably won't get the deep clean I was after. Another example of me being thwarted in my quest to get 'organised'.

I forgot a 'to do' list! A time for me 'to do' list! The weather is glorious again and unbelievably is set to stay longer than anyone now expects. Dilemma now is the complete lack of summer clothes that I still feel comfortable wearing. Although my DD is now two and half, I still don't know what's going on with my body. But I also need to go and get new clothes as, quite frankly, clothes I was wearing pre pregnancy are out of date and out of shape! However whenever I go to buy clothes for me, I invariably end up buying some cute/gorgeous/adorable outfit for DD! Anyone else find that happens? I love, love, love having a daughter but has it come at the expense of me having any kind of current style!?