Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Let's re-connect

I've not been hiding away outside the Lindo Wing waiting for the royal baby's arrival but I'm not sure where the last week has gone? Time is really flying along and we're starting to get through some of the 'to do' list (slowly).

DB and I managed a grown up night out on the Tuesday thanks to my MIL and her sister being able to babysit for us (taste of things to come?). We experienced London at its best. Chilled English sparkling wine (Chapel Down) at Inn The Park in St James Park, a stroll through Covent Garden to Balthazar for pre dinner champagne cocktails and the most scrumptious steak frites I've had in a long time. The service was impeccable as you'd expect and we left a very happy couple, deciding to stroll hand in hand to Waterloo over the Thames taking in some fabulous London vistas. 

It was such a fabulous evening. We talked, we laughed and we remembered why we are a couple. Not just because of our fabulous DD but because we are best friends and when we met 8 years ago we clicked straight away and haven't looked back. Not that I'm searching for reasons why we are making this monumental move but it was another reminder that the way our London life was going our relationship may not have been sustainable. You really do have to spend time with each other as yourselves, not just as parents and all too often that was being put on the back burner. I can't wait for us to start spending more time together both as a family and hopefully as a couple. 

Speaking of family time we managed another item on our to do list - a duck tour! I worked summer hours last week (1 extra hour for three days) so I could attempt to leave work at 1.30 on the Friday. Not as easy as it sounds being that I have to rush off at 4.30 each day to do pick up, which meant a 7.30am start on some days! Exhausting but worth it. I managed to meet up with DB and DD in time for a Duck Tour on a really super hot Friday afternoon. I love it when DD sees me out of context of home life and her running, arms up in the air, to greet me was so wonderful. We boarded the yellow 'tractor' as DD christened the tour bus/boat and headed off into the streets I have spent 16 years living and working in, going past some genuinely amazing buildings and discovering some great facts.
We went past the 'Grand Old Duke of York' who it transpires was very indecisive and is the reason for the wording of the favourite nursery rhyme of the same name. When I lent down to nudge DD about who we were passing, I discovered she was fast asleep! She slept for most of the start of the tour in the end but I woke her, just as we dipped into the Thames which she squealed with delight at (or fright having only just woken up?!). After we finished the tour we headed back to the Southbank and a family dinner at Pizza Express (they have a great kids menu).

But my day wasn't done. I waved DD and DB off at the train station, then hopped on a bus and headed to another boat on the Thames, The Tamesis for summer cocktails. Its was a lovely end to the day. I caught up with some old, old friends I've not seen for years and with one of my bestest friends I just never get to see anymore, despite living and working not too far from each other. For the first time in an age she introduced me to some new people as her 'friend' not her 'best friend'. My heart sank slightly but after a bit of reflection I realise that despite this new title, we have too much water under the bridge for the drop of 'best' to have too deep a meaning. We'll always pick up wherever we left off and for that I am very grateful. I love her dearly and hope we get to re-connect. Who knows this move might mean I also get to spend more quality time with her when she comes to visit, or I head down to London to 'reconnect' every so often. I really do hope so.