Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Race for life - done!

It's taken me two days to feel ready to do a new post about my race for life. It just happened to be one of the hottest days of the century (exaggeration? Moi? Non!) and as DB pointed out to someone, I don't like sweating which is why I quit the gym!

But sweat I must - even while standing still, lining up to start the race. I was, as those who know me, standing with the walking lot. And there were a lot of us. 
It really was a moving experience (pardon the pun) as I read the messages people had pinned to their backs 'I race for life for...' that covered off, 'a cure', 'dearly departed', 'long term survivors' but what amazed me was how many people were doing the run for themselves. I read numerous messages that told me that person was fighting this hideous disease that cancer is. I was so humbled by their efforts that it made me realise how pathetic I was being walking and all because I didn't want to get too hot, or my knees to start hurting - so I ran!! In that heat!

I ran because I felt such a fraud walking. I ran because my dear friend Marie can't as she battles so bravely to fight off this hideous invader. I ran because I have no memories of my father who was taken from us when I was a 14 months old because of lung cancer. I ran because my mum was then left to bring up 4 kids under 10 on her own. I ran because surely there should be a cure for Cancer 40 years on from when my family were devastated in their loss.

And despite the sweat (there was lots) and the aching limbs, I want to do it again. I want to run because I can! I want to feel I'm doing something because I can't sit back and do nothing. Not while all those thousands of people were running/walking despite the parasite of cancer invading their bodies. So I'm going to do next years run and if I can, I'll attempt the 10k Race for Life

I started my 'mum on the run' blog because I am running away from my crazy life, but maybe, just maybe I'll actually start running for real.